Metamind: Meta Goals für Alles

This is going to be so good. It’s like a Beeminder integration, for Beeminder. Want to beemind your beeminding? Just add a metamind goal and you can commit to entering some number of datapoints per week across all your goals. (I think it should only count one datapoint per goal per day, and it only counts if the goal is active, not frozen.)

The reason I thought of this is that it complements auto-canceling beautifully. We actually have had at least one complaint about auto-canceling subscriptions because auto-repeating subscriptions are a kind of commitment device to get yourself to keep using the service. Well we sure as heck have a better solution to that problem!

Why this should be a high priority integration:

  1. It could be created for everyone by default so you don’t start with an empty gallery.
  2. It’s an inherently interesting Quantified Self metric: how much am I actually tracking altogether?
  3. So many people are overwhelmed upon signing up; having a starter goal could really help.

Talmudic Commentary

Idea from a user to meta-beemind their safety buffers, so they can, say, go out in the evening instead of scrambling to dispatch beemergencies every damn night.

Beemind your beeminding as an onboarding hook. It’s genius, I tell you.

Ooh, we should list Beeminder along with all the other apps and gadgets that we integrate with. Instead of just our logo it could be some kind of recursive version of it, like a stack of turtles or something.

“You want to sign up for Beeminder? You’re actually on board with hard-committing your future self to something your current self thinks is a good idea? Great! Sign here! Boom, you’re now hard-committed to using Beeminder.” So brilliantly meta. Maybe it has to be opt-in but there exist people — even from the moment of signing up — who would be delighted to beemind their beeminding. People who are like “OMG I need this so bad; I don’t know what to mind yet but I know I need this” and then they wander away and ignore all our emails for all time.

Related idea from Rich Armstrong:

What I would LOVE is for Beeminder to support a different goal around Withings. I want to hold myself accountable to simply weighing myself before 7am at least four days a week. I don’t care what the weight number is. I’m more concerned about early-to-rise and about having a daily feedback mechanism.

Philip manually uses the timestamp on his Withings weigh-in as a proxy for wake-up time. Not for beeminding, as it happens, but for mid-morning RETRO filling out of his TagTime log. The current webhook might be able to support a hack, and though pjh/callback shows a lot of variability, it’s probably close enough for counting hours of sleep.

Rough notes from Adam Wolf on foo_days:

One of my most desired beeminder ponies is foo_days built in. A foo_day is a secondary beeminder goal that just tracks if you added a data point to another goal. Aggday binary/non-zero. I do it with IFTTT but it’s a PITA. I make a goal, foo, which tracks something. And then a helper goal called foo_days, which tracks the days I measure it.

(Also Adam’s urgency load metric!)